7 Best Clubs in Edinburgh [Update 2024]

Looking for the best clubs in Edinburgh to party the night away? Well, you’re in luck! We have a list of recommendations about clubs in Edinburgh that will surely satisfy your craving for a night of fun, music, and dancing.

When it comes to bars and clubs, Edinburgh is a vibrant city with a bustling nightlife scene. Whether you’re a fan of live music, DJ sets, or simply want to enjoy a few drinks with friends, there is something for everyone in this Scottish capital.

One popular club that should be on your radar is The Bongo Club, located at 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX. Known for its energetic atmosphere and top-notch DJ lineup, The Bongo Club guarantees a night of non-stop dancing and unforgettable memories.

It’s the perfect spot to let loose and enjoy the pulsating beats until the early hours of the morning. And if you’re a fan of cocktails, their skilled bartenders will whip up the perfect drink to complement your night out.

Another must-visit club is The Hive Nightclub & Venue, situated in the heart of Edinburgh. With its neon lights and The Hive Nightclub & Venue decor, The Hive Nightclub & Venue offers a unique and immersive clubbing experience like no other.

Get ready to dance to the latest chart-toppers and party alongside a lively crowd of music enthusiasts. And, of course, their friendly staff will ensure that your night runs smoothly.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best clubs in Edinburgh, The Bongo Club and The Hive Nightclub & Venue are highly recommended. So grab your friends, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for an unforgettable night out. We have a list of recommendations about clubs in Edinburgh that will satisfy your party cravings.

The Bongo Club

The Bongo Club
Address66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX, UK
Phone Number+44 131 558 8844
Operating HourMonday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed
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Real Customer Reviews at The Bongo Club:

Emmie Harrison-West07:13 06/09/23
Do NOT go here. The promoter is a rip off! Selling £6 tickets to the club night online and it was free on the door - with not a single soul inside, and they won't refund the tickets. Absolutely avoid at all costs!

J M Anderson21:36 03/24/23
I'd paid for 3 tickets for a Friday night (paddys day) equalling to 29£. Got to the entrance for the staff to tell me that 2 of them had already arrived. We'd booked them about an hour before and all arrived together so this was impossible. As I tried to explain that this couldn't be, they tried gaslighting me, asking if I'd given my details out to anyone else. I explained absolutely not and after a huge waste of time, the manager decided to let us in. The lack of professionalism and customer service was disgusting. They made me feel stupid and questioned our integrity. Will not be returning. Although a good experience with the bar staff.

Alien boops13:32 01/21/23
I had a great nite there but unfortunately my friend got wasted & I would like to thank the 2 female bouncers who looked after her for hours making sure she was safe & hydrated after puking up everywhere. All the Bongos staff are super chilled.

Maya Beauchamp18:18 12/10/22
Absolute waste of money. £12 each for tickets to a "hardcore DnB night" but didn't expect there to be just like 10 people stood around in a room not even dancing. No atmosphere, no excitement, just a waste of a night.

Το φιλί της Πεταλούδας10:56 06/27/22
I second every comment re. bouncer attitude over there. Physical assaults happen for no actual reason, based on abuse of power. It's still an open question whether the bouncers are also managers (as they claim when asked and as others have written here) - if that's the case, good reason to never visit again. Moreover, they've got the support of the police (or people who claim to be the police) which is waiting outdoors. Thankfully, there's plenty of much better (and underground) venues offering equally good music nearby. These guys should try a career as Daredevil stunts.

The Hive Nightclub & Venue

The Hive Nightclub & Venue
Address15-17 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG, UK
Phone Number
Operating HourMonday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Tuesday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Wednesday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Thursday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Friday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Saturday: 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Sunday: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
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Real Customer Reviews at The Hive Nightclub & Venue:

Ellen Reynolds01:30 07/25/23
I’d never had any issues with hive it was never amazing but cheap and fine until I went with a friend who is brown and he was told he wasn’t allowed in because he was in joggers. Hive is not a classy establishment and dress has never been a concern before. My friend said it’s fine and left. When I went in I found a white Australian boy in shorts. I would argue equally as casual shorts and joggers but the white Austrian faced no problem whilst my brown friend was not allowed in. The bouncers clearly displayed preferential treatment and are very much racist. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone who isn’t white as the bouncers are racist and on a power trip

Ludvig Sundøen03:32 07/20/23
I recently had an incredible time at hive. The lively ambiance, amazing music, and friendly staff made it a night to remember. However, there's one downside - the club unexpectedly closed at 3 AM instead of the advertised 5 AM. Despite this disappointment, the overall experience was fantastic. The talented DJs, skillful bartenders, and energetic crowd created an electrifying atmosphere. Although the early closure was a letdown, I'm willing to give it another chance because everything else was truly exceptional. Here's hoping they fix the closing time issue for a flawless clubbing experience next time!

Peter McGinley14:40 07/09/23
One of the bouncers is extremely aggressive and has tried assaulting me for asking for my friends Provisonal License back and ripped my jumper wouldn’t recommend at all 👎(Also the place smells Like vomit)

Polly Payne23:29 06/27/23
i was standing near the bouncers inside for safety as i was alone while my friend was in the toilet and they swore at me to move. could’ve just asked nicely and this made me feel very unsafe as a young woman, when there was clearly 40 year old men asking me for drugs…cheap drinks (dangerously cheap), bad music, and it absolutely stinks in the bar. wouldn’t go back

Cara06:32 04/08/23
I know this is often referred to as one of Edinburgh's worst clubs, but if you have already had a couple drinks it's actually pretty decent. Drinks are really cheap (£3 for a decent size cocktail), there are 2 dance rooms (one is often busier than other), music is decent and entry isn't too bad either. Would definitely recommend if you prefer a slightly quieter club compared to the others

Why Not Nightclub

Why Not Nightclub
Address14 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PF, UK
Phone Number+44 131 624 8633
Operating HourMonday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Thursday: Closed, Friday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Saturday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Sunday: Closed
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Real Customer Reviews at Why Not Nightclub:

Kristina Melanson20:17 07/25/23
I came here for the first time with some locals that know this place and I’ve gotta say this was the best club I’ve been to in the city. I did a few pub crawls and there’s some good bars and clubs in the city but this one’s my fav. I came on a Monday and it was really busy, drinks are super cheap and the music was some of the best I’ve heard. The remixes were awesome. Defo one of the best djs I’ve ever heard in a club and really glad he didn’t play the full songs. Staff were really nice too. Only thing is that it seems to be mostly a young crowd, like a bunch of 18/19 yo, as a 22 yo I felt a bit old. But maybe that’s just the day I went. Overall one of the best clubs I’ve been to.

Lilien Flower21:15 07/14/23
Great atmosphere!The drinks were affordable and not too expensive.The DJ and music was amazing.Everyone was friendly.But you still have to keep an eye on your drink, especially as a woman!

Raj Sagar02:49 06/24/23
I came here cause my friend told me and it was crowded which was good. But i had an argument with one guy because he pulled my hair and ask me to fight but I called the security and then they ask both of us to go out.I felt a bit racism here cause even tho i tried to avoid the danger by calling security i was the the one who was sent. Worst ever club worst management worst security.Not gonna recommend this to any one out there.

Abbi Gallagher23:17 06/10/23
I freaquntley visit this establishment and spend most of my time in the garden area where i have grown to be very fond of the staff that monitor such area, Hannah, sarah and greggs By far one of the nicest people i have met and we bonded over our love for pirates of the caribbean and jurassic park, I wouldn't frequent as often if it wasn't for hannah!

Jessica Mankowska01:36 03/18/23
Charged £19.50 for two vodka orange drinks that tasted like orange juice alone. I was sober so I'm sure the bartender just scammed us. Never going back.

Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Pete's
Address73 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JW, UK
Phone Number+44 131 225 1757
Operating HourMonday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Tuesday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Wednesday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Thursday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Friday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Saturday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Sunday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM
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Real Customer Reviews at Sneaky Pete's:

Goggz F20:13 05/25/23
Bouncers an ars holi... 😁 Read the reviews below. Power trip mad bossing all the wee emos about brilliant big man 😁 clubs tiny i miss the old days in clubs. Take me go the liquid rooms anyday before here plus drinks are poorly made poor service toilets bogging. I notice the boss tends not to reply to negativity care to converse ? 😁

Peter Staples18:58 05/14/23
Great acts (Seb Wildblood - sure it was last year but it was ace!), great sound, great atmosphere when it gets going, friendly staff, reasonably priced drinks. Magic wee place

Aranav Kacker20:24 03/13/23
Went there on a Saturday night, loved it. It's a compact space, so can get a bit tight, but the extremely good dj and cheap booze makes up for it!

Becky Mildon18:36 07/18/22
Tried to come here with some girls and the bouncer turned us away without any explanation. He yelled at our group and berated us. We weren’t rowdy or anything. He also turned away another shortly after us.We were meeting our partners inside and they let them in no issue. Very frustrating and bad experience.Bouncer in the photo was the rude, aggressive man.

Patricia Cuni07:45 04/02/19
I have never been to a club session but they do have nice live music quite often. Last gig I saw was Scott Candlish's EP concert and it was really good. As I said, not too big a venue but perfect to see musicians from a close distance. And good drinks too.

Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire
Address36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh EH1 1QR, UK
Phone Number+44 131 247 4704
Operating HourMonday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM, Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM
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Real Customer Reviews at Cabaret Voltaire:

Amber Edmond20:37 08/09/23
Brilliant bar!! Great service and a banging atmosphere. A must go in edinburgh for some good vibes.

Tyla Soulsby17:34 08/08/23
Can always rely on Cab Vol for a great night out, staff are lovely, even the doormen are sound which can be unusual for a club. Cheap drinks for Edinburgh and great music!

Robbie G16:00 08/08/23
Friendly staff, the club often has great artists in and it’s always a fun night out.

Ava McKechan10:53 05/22/23
One of the female bouncers was so incredibly rude that it ruined my evening. I showed her my stamp and she didn’t see it properly even though she saw me buy a ticket and started giving me verbal abuse, claiming I had attitude and as I was walking down the stairs my friend overheard her saying “I will arrest you”. Was honestly just embarrassing being shouted at by a bouncer for nothing, just a classic case of uniform syndrome and trying to make herself feel like she has power over a young customer who paid £20 to get in.Will not be back due to her behaviour which is a shame because the venue’s not bad and the Dj’s were great.

Tomas18:09 03/29/23
Wonderful place for electronic music lovers. Pleasure club is the greatest thing I discovered in Edinburgh nightlife.

The Liquid Room

The Liquid Room
Address9C Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2HE, UK
Phone Number+44 131 225 2564
Operating HourMonday: Closed, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: Closed, Thursday: Closed, Friday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Saturday: 11:00 PM – 3:00 AM, Sunday: Closed
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Real Customer Reviews at The Liquid Room:

Tim Keppie20:03 08/05/23
A fantastic venue. I've experienced so many great gigs here over many years. A great intimate atmosphere made for experiencing your favourite band. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Kay B09:00 07/31/23
Attended Clubland on Saturday 29th July, the event itself was great I really enjoyed it up until this situation occurred. I am autistic and I had a drink cup thrown directly at me which hurt and caused some upset so my partner took me up to the security who were kind enough to let me stand at the door to calm down while my partner asked for some earplugs at the bar for me. I’ve been told previously by the liquid rooms staff that It is required to provide these if asked so to not feel bad if I need them, so the fact the youngish woman behind the bar with dark brown hair and glasses told him to “F-ck off” when he asked and even disclosed my autism to her, is absolutely disgusting. No one was asking for special treatment, we weren’t trying to get a drink aswell or push our way in. I had to then go back into the club, even more distressed than before, and go up to the bar with him to try again. Eventually there was a lovely older woman with glasses who came to us and listened despite me fighting words through sobs, she brought me a pair of earplugs quickly and without question and made me feel comfortable. She was lovely and as were a couple other girls next to me in the queue who spoke to me to calm me down and said that they had also experienced the first woman being rude to them.It is absolutely vile to say the least. I understand it was busy and she was probably stressed out but so was I. There is absolutely no reason to swear at someone who is only asking for earplugs for their autistic partner and it caused such an unnecessary rift in the night for both her and us.

Emma Carrigan17:30 07/17/23
Went to the Liquid Room on July 9th for a Maisie Peters Acoustic show. The venue was ok, but the room is located down some pretty narrow steps and can get extremely crowded.I keep getting the paranoid when in the room. Due to the extremely narrow entrance/exit and steps, if anything were to go wrong (eg. A fire breaking out) it feels as though there is virtually no escape and will become a crush. It might just be me that feels that way, but that's my first thoughts on the venue.Bouncers didn't check ID on arrival and didn't do big checks despite people bringing in large bags or backpacks.

Saltire Sunsets18:55 03/12/23
Been here a few times to see lve music fantastic little place and if you get there early enough you can get a seat on the balcony best views of the stage great place

Hal Emmerich11:24 04/26/22
Its a really great concert venue, good sound and a cozy tucked away place if you're seeing a smaller band!As a club venue however, it does lack the same charm. Every other place you go, someone is trying to sell you something and the music is alright if you're into 2010s stuff. Just not for me though.

Shanghai Nightclub

Shanghai Nightclub
Address16a George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PF, UK
Phone Number+44 131 270 3900
Operating HourMonday: Closed, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Thursday: Closed, Friday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Saturday: 10:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Sunday: Closed
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Real Customer Reviews at Shanghai Nightclub:

Sarah Morrison08:41 07/25/23
Such a great night at Shanghai on Saturday for my birthday. Staff couldn’t have done enough for me and my friends, atmosphere was unreal. Will be going back again this weekend!

Joanne Edgar11:43 06/24/23
Great club and fantastic atmosphere! Staff were so good and friendly. Will definitely be coming back soon!!!

edwina opoku22:52 06/23/23
Worst night club. No one mentioned anything about reservations but charged us entry fee to enter only to find all tables reserved.We ordered for drinks and were given a watered down version of the drink that tasted more like water than anything tangible.Never going again

Catherine Wilson09:21 06/06/23
Love the place …. Music is amazing with a great atmosphere 😍

Gary Tylee14:49 01/17/23
Sick club to be fair! Decent music and staff at the bar and the security team were friendly! When asking locals about Shanghai, most advised it was the better club to go too!

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